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Every individual has a unique quality in them, Bikini Bella Exclusive recognizes this and we work our patterns to enhance our uniqueness. It's the pride of our Bikini Bella team to help ensure the production of a quality product one suit at a time.

We are not a one size fits all and all of our competition suits are sewn, crafted by hand in the USA. We only use Preciosa and Swarovski crystals hand placed on each suit.

In comparing price, make sure you are getting the best brand crystals that will shine and sparkle close up and from far away. Lesser quality crystals shine close up but don't have that eye catching sparkle from a distance and can flake and fall off easily.


Additional Service:

We can hand stitch (attach) your center rhinestone connector for your bikini top cups. This helps create fullness in the breast area and create symmetry. Let us know if you would like this done. If not we will not attach the connector to your bikini cups.